You’re good at what you do. Learn How to let it show.

An individual works hard to reach a place of respect and authority in her or his chosen profession. Effective self-presentation adds confidence and allows one’s unique personality and expertise to shine through – in fact, it is key in separating from the pack and reaching higher goals. As competition increases, these skills become more essential in demonstrating value to an employer, manager, or board.

You’ve done your best to reach this professional level. It’s time to develop what it takes to reach the next one.



Deliver a focused, engaging message that leads to a successful outcome.


Find a path to develop skills and strategies to accomplish this aim while also projecting confidence, warmth, and credibility.


Obtain individualized coaching to grow these necessary skills and establish a reliable strategy to hit the mark every time.


A natural, confident delivery that comes from knowing what you’re doing, how to reach your goal.

Our Services

01. Coaching

One-on-one, individual, and customized to your unique goals, obstacles, and challenges.
In person, or via videoconference.

02. Custom Workshops

Unique, effective program design and facilitation to match the needs of executivess, managers, or promising individuals of any level.

03. Accents

Support for executives from outside the U.S. to increase intelligibility and diminish obstacles to successful communication in American English.

04. Keynote Speeches

Fresh ways of thinking about speaking and communication combined with practical tools for participants of  your next conference or event.

SSC Provides Training, Tools, and Techniques

  •  Executive Presence – Polishing Personal Presentation/Manner
  • Addressing and Overcoming Speaking/Communication Anxiety
  • Last-Minute Presentation 911
  • Media Training
  • Modifying Accents for Clarity and Intelligibility
  • Communicating Complex/Technical Material to Any Audience
  • Cultivating a More Effective Communication Style
  • Incorporating and Interacting with Audio/Visual Aids
  • Developing Tools for Dynamic Speaking
  • Conducting Communication 360° Interviews
  • Sharpening Presentation Skills for Attorneys
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Stephanie Silverman

Public Speaking Consultant

Providing highly specialized executive coaching services and program design and facilitation for leadership development, public speaking, and all areas of spoken communication.